Artists inspired by Achill Island, Co Mayo, Ireland. Achill Island in the west of Ireland has long provided inspiration for artists including Paul Henry, Robert Henri and Camille Souter. This section of Achill 24/7 profiles these three artists and their links with Achill Island on the remote west coast of Ireland.

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Artists inspired by Achill Island, Ireland : Index

Paul Henry

Ulster-born Paul Henry (1876-1958) lived and worked on Achill Island between 1909 and 1919, painting firstly local people at work and, in later years, the west of Ireland landscapes by which his work is most popularly known. In the 1920s many of Paul Henry's paintings were published as posters and came to represent the west of Ireland in tourist and Government literature.
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Camille Souter

Artist Camille Souter has had an association with Achill Island for the past 40 years, living and working on the island and producing paintings inspired by the Achill landscape. Souter still retains a residence on the island and divides her time between Achill and Italy.
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Robert Henri

Robert Henri (1865-1929), described as the finest American painter of his time, Robert Henri first came to Achill Island in the summer of 1913. He returned to Achill every summer between 1924 and 1928, and bought Corrymore House. Robert Henri painted hundreds of portraits of Achill people, particularly the children of Dooagh and Keel.
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