About Achill Island 24/7. This page explains the background to the Achill Island 24/7 web site, and its current purpose. Please direct any comments you have about the site to our contact page.

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About Achill Island 24/7

Achill Island 24/7 is a not-for-profit website dedicated to providing information and resources about artists and writers who have been inspired by Achill Island, Co Mayo, in the west of Ireland. Originally set up to publish the poetry of Achill Island writer Anne Kelly on the Internet, it has since expanded to include articles about renowned artists and writers that have worked on Achill Island. The name Achill Island 24/7 simply refers to the fact that it provides information on Achill Island 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the articles contained on Achill Island 24/7 unfortunately some errors and omissions may occur. We welcome any feedback on the content of Achill Island 24/7 in our contact page. Any public comments you may have about Anne Kelly's poetry, or this web site, can be posted in our guestbook.

I hope you enjoy your visit to www.achill247.com!

Editor, Achill Island 24/7.com

For a comprehensive visitors guide to Achill Island, Co Mayo, in the west of Ireland, visit the Achill Tourism web site. This extensive site offers information on activities and places to see on Achill, accommodation listings, events and festivals information, and maps and travel details. Click to visit Achill Tourism's tourism guide to Achill Island.

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