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Events on Achill Island: St. Patrick's Day 2001

Click on an image to see larger version. Download of larger images may take a few moments.
Drummer, Dooagh Pipe Band - 48KB
Drummer - 48KB
Dooagh Pipe Band marching - 55KB
Band on the march - 55KB
Band facing Croaghan - 45KB
Head for the hills - 45KB
Piper and listener - 25KB
Everyone's a piper - 25KB
Band outside The Pub, Dooagh - 45KB
Outside The Pub, Dooagh - 45KB
Band marching with Shamrock man - 52KB
Is that a Shamrock in your pocket? - 52KB
Statue of Jesus wearing shamrock - 18KB
The wearing of the green - 18KB
Pipers at work - 41KB
Pipers at work - 41KB
Band member outside Gielty's, Dooagh - 45KB
Right, where's my pint? - 45KB

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